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Does your RV Leak....? How can you be sure.....? For the past 15 or so years we have been using a machine in our Service Dept. to detect any possible leaks on our used RV's to assure our Customer's that when their Pre-loved RV leaves here, it does not have any leaks. How it works is ingenious actually. The system draws outside air into the RV through the 14" x 14" roof vent dispersing it outwards creating a positive interior pressure. This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any places that are not properly sealed on the exterior of the RV. We then apply a soapy water solution to all areas (ie: windows, moldings, etc...) on the exterior of the RV resulting in visible bubbles exactly over each leak. We have had hundreds if not thousands of concerned RV'ers walk through our doors over the past 30 years that have signs of water getting into their RV's or worse have severe water damage to the structure of their RV which is very frustrating because they have no idea where the water is getting in. This makes the repair a guessing game. We recommend that this test be performed every few years ensuring that your RV will be safe from leaks making your RV experience a positive one. If you are looking for information on how this procedure works or you would like to book your RV in for a leak test please contact our Service Department for more details.