Our Vision, Our Mission

Our vision

Providing the RV Lifestyle to Everyone seeking Fun and Freedom for themselves and their Families.

OUr mission

We are a highly valued RV Dealership that provides Sales, Service & Parts in a professional manner to RV Lifestyle Enthusiasts in our community and surrounding areas..

Our Core Values

#1. Teamwork

Key Result: Achieving productive and satisfying relationships with all.



  • Working together toward accepted and clearly-understood common expectations.
  • Providing recognition for efforts and contributions.
  • Being respectful, accountable and productive with others.
  • Communicating effectively with all.
  • Having fun working with all.
#2. Integrity

Key Result: Doing the right thing to earn trust and build sound, long-term relationships.



  • Being honest and striving for all-win outcomes.
  • Demonstrating fairness to all.
  • Conforming to all legal and moral obligations.
  • Showing a high level of business integrity and ethics.
  • Individuals are to be responsible and accountable for their own actions.
#3. Financial Success

Key Result: Contributing to the financial success of all.



  • Providing cost-effective solutions that are profitable for all (Win-Win).
  • Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities.
  • Continuously anticipating and adapting to the changing marketplace.
  • Seeking and building on opportunities and successes of all.
#4. Excellence

Key Result: Meeting and exceeding expectations of all.



  • Taking personal initiative for improvement.
  • Anticipating and consistently being responsive to needs of others.
  • Performing Job demands at a consistent and high achieving level.
  • Reaching and surpassing personal and work related goals.